Boost Your Skin's Radiance With These Three Easy Steps

Boost Your Skin's Radiance With These Three Easy Steps

Did you know there are three simple steps you can take to promote cell renewal, increase hydration and achieve a radiant, glowing complexion?
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Did you know there are three simple steps you can take to promote cell renewal, increase hydration and achieve a radiant, glowing complexion?

1. Drink Up

Boost Your Skin's Radiance With These Three Easy Steps

Skincare is essential for optimal skin health, but to get that all-over glow you also need to consider what you are putting in your body. While certain foods can certainly make a difference to your complexion, the first thing to focus on is how much water you are drinking each day. 

While research is limited for the actual links between skin health and drinking water (sadly there just isn't funding willing to support a long-term study as there is little chance of financial return for the results), there have been countless people who have taken on the 30 day Water Challenge and observed positive changes in their complexion. On average, the human body is made up of about 60% water, with the skin itself containing up to 64% – so it makes sense that drinking the recommended amount of water each day ensures that your skin remains healthy. By consistently flushing your system of any toxins and maintaining the ideal hydration levels, you'll help your skin achieve a natural inner glow.

Want to track your own results? Commit to consuming 2.7 litres of water each day for thirty days, and remember to take before and after pictures!

2. Exfoliate

We all know we should cleanse, hydrate and protect our skin, but it is just as important to exfoliate one to two times per week. The body sheds about 30,000-40,000 cells every minute, but sometimes skin needs a helping hand – that's where exfoliation comes into play. Old skin cells can build up on the surface of your face, and working to gently buff away those dead cells actually helps keep your complexion bright and fresh. If you notice your face looking dull, tired, or perhaps even a little flaky, think about how you are exfoliating.

The two main ways to exfoliate are chemical and physical.

Chemical exfoliation is usually a liquid that requires no harsh scrubbing or physical action on the skin. There are many types of chemical exfoliators include lactic and glycolic acid (referred to as alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs). They exfoliate the surface of the skin by dissolving and ungluing dead cells, increase the rate of cellular turnover and reduce congestion.

Chemical exfoliation is also easy and low-maintenance. Renew Exfoliate Serum is a full-strength treatment that includes natural glycolic and lactic acid from fruit extracts. Use it overnight a couple of times a week to reveal a brighter, smoother and softer complexion. Insider tip: it's also very effective on the back of hands.

Renew Exfoliate Serum

Physical exfoliation involves scrubbing your face with small particles or with a mechanical device. While physical exfoliation can be very effective at quickly shedding that top layer of dead skin, it is not the gentlest approach. As a general rule, avoid using scrubs that contain ground nuts, coffee grounds, sugar or salt. Facial skin is delicate and it's too easy to over-exfoliate and cause irritation.

Instead, try cleansing cloths! They are a great reusable option for physical exfoliation. Our gentle organic cotton face cloths are dual-sided, making them multi-purpose. The soft, fluffy absorbent brushed cotton side can be used to first wipe away cleanser (always cleanse your skin before exfoliating). Then use the muslin surface on the opposite side to gently buff and exfoliate.  

Whatever you do, avoid microfibre cloths. They may be soft, fluffy and often very good value. But every time you wash them, small plastic particles leach into the environment.

3. Hydrate

Despite our love for facial oils, they are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to an effective skincare routine. Your skin requires a balance of moisture, hydration and emollience to achieve the radiant glow you're aiming for. But how do you know what your face actually needs?

Think of it like this:

Dry skin = lacking moisture

Dehydrated skin = lacking hydration

If your skin is flaky and rough and even though you are using a hydrating serum and moisturiser, then you are in need of oil.

If your skin feels soft after moisturising, but it still appears dull, lacklustre, and a bit tight, then you need more hydration. 

Luckily, with products like our hydrating serums it is pretty easy to balance out your skin by replenishing your face with much-needed hydration. They all contain a combination of plant-based organic glycerin and hyaluronic acid - power ingredients that reduce water loss, lock in hydration and help maintain a soft and supple texture. 

If you have dehydrated skin, Hydrate Moisture Serum is our top recommendation. With 1% hyaluronic acid, it is a plumping, calming, and refreshing serum that is ideal for those looking to improve elasticity and increase luminosity. Think of it as a glass of water for your skin. Use it in rotation with Renew Exfoliate Serum for even better results.

If layering skincare products is not ideal for your routine, don't fret. Our moisturisers deliver a combination of nourishing oils, essential hydration and a lot of moisture. These all-in-one formulas work to bring harmony to your face and help maintain smooth, perfectly balanced skin.

By fuelling your body with essential water, exfoliating regularly, and increasing hydration with a daily topical serum, you can boost your routine and take steps to achieve healthy and happy skin. A beauty routine doesn't have to be complicated, and in fact, you can elevate your existing ritual pretty easily. All it takes is three easy steps! Have you boosted your skincare game yet?

 - Bryanna Martonis is Krī Skincare's staff content writer, an ethical lifestyle blogger and beauty awards judge.