Green Living: Five Sustainable Swaps

From plastic-free snacks to refillable makeup, these eco-friendly ideas will inspire and help create positive change.
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From plastic-free snacks to refillable makeup, these eco-friendly ideas will inspire and help create positive change.

1. Low Waste Snacks

Everyone loves a good snack, but excess packaging is a huge source of plastic pollution. Luckily, there is plenty of low waste treats out there to curb hunger and fulfil cravings for something sweet. From organic vegan chocolates like the bars from Seed and Bean (the first UK chocolate brand to have 100% compostable packaging) to plastic-free crisp packets and boxes from Two Farmers (which are 100% home compostable) – there is an option for everyone.

Seed and Bean
If you want to reduce waste even further, you can opt for the ultimate sustainable snack: a homemade one! Crunchy seasoned chickpeas or coconut bacon are simple and quick to whip up, plus all of the ingredients can be bought at refill stations or in glass containers.

2. Sustainable Haircare
Did you know that in one year the UK is estimated to throw away over 520 million shampoo bottles? Imagine how much plastic is being sent to landfill when we add up all the conditioner, hair spray, masks, tonics, and leave-in products. However, more sustainable swaps are becoming available, so this sea of single-use packaging doesn't have to continue to be a problem.

There are lots of brands to try, but one that embraces ethical values in a way that aligns with Krī is Kind2. This sustainable haircare brand works to make plastic-free alternatives affordable, effective, and long-lasting. Handmade in the UK with natural ingredients, the pH balanced plant-based formulas are designed to last 2-3 times longer than a traditional bottle of shampoo or conditioner. These eco-friendly haircare treatments are also curly girl method approved.


3. Eco-Friendly Makeup
The beauty industry is unfortunately responsible for a huge amount of waste, and a large portion of that comes from makeup packaging. Plastic is used for tubes, wands, palettes, and compacts, but it is also commonly found within formulas. Making sure your makeup is biodegradable is a great first step towards a more sustainable beauty routine, but you can also look for refills, zero-waste packaging, or even DIY recipes.

While makeup is slower to make the jump to low waste alternatives, there are a few brands that are making efforts to introduce eco-friendly makeup to the market. Zao is a long time favourite in the UK, with natural and organic ingredients and refill options.

Another great range to check out is Le Papier, a company dedicated to providing biodegradable beauty. Their vegan lipsticks and balms are made from paper and are super lightweight to further reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Refillable Cleaning Products
Cleaning products are often filled with harsh chemicals, and plastic packaging adds to the sea of litter that is quickly swallowing our planet. That is why eco-friendly alternatives and refill programs are so important – they help minimise the impact of keeping a clean house and reduce exposure to ingredients that really should not be coming into contact with skin or lungs.

Spruce supplies an 'eternity' bottle that is then used for a lifetime. The range is free from commonly avoided ingredients like chlorine bleach, SLS, and synthetic fragrances, plus the refills come in plastic-free packaging. For every pack sold, they have committed to removing ocean-bound plastics equal to twenty-five plastic bottles.


5. Plastic Free Periods
There are several options for those looking to swap to more sustainable period products. Reusable pads, tampons or menstrual underwear are eco-friendly options that can be washed with your regular laundry. Reusable menstrual cups are another popular pick for plastic-free alternatives.

All three of these swaps can save an average of 1320 single-use products from going to landfill. Of course, there are also natural and organic disposables to find.

One brand that is great for plastic-free period products is &Sisters, a mother and daughter duo who strive to fight against period poverty. They are transparent about ingredients and production, use organic and biodegradable materials, and donate 10% of profits.


 - Bryanna Martonis is Krī Skincare's staff content writer, an ethical lifestyle blogger and beauty awards judge.