The Benefits Of Self-Care With Skincare

When it comes to natural beauty, there are three main benefits that come to mind: health, wellbeing, and sustainability. 

The sad reality is that a lot of ingredients in skincare can pose a threat to both our skin and the environment. From non-biodegradable formulas that build up in the water and soil, to ingredients such as drying alcohols and fragrance that can cause undue stress on our skin. 

There's also another further strength that comes along with plant-based skincare – the benefit of self-care. Skincare can actually become an act of self-care through drawing on the power of natural plant extracts, and the mindfulness that comes from taking a moment of pause while performing a daily routine. 

One of the more personal aspects to switching over to simpler and gentler formulations is the change it can bring to both skin and spirit. Many find their complexion improves, sensitivities reduced, and their face feeling soothed after even just a few days of transitioning over to plant-based products.

Take Unveil Cleansing Oil, for example. This combination of organic oils along with a very gentle plant-based surfactant cleanses the surface of the skin but doesn’t leave any tightness or dryness that is so common with facial cleansers.

Kri Skincare Cleansing Oils

"People often ask me about my skincare regime - they think I'm younger than my biological age,” says Carol, a Krī customer in her 40s. She's not alone. After a rosacea flair up, Anna turned to trialing gentler creations. She explained that her usual moisturiser was stinging her face, and she decided to try Krī. “My skin tends to flare up (literally in front of my eyes!) if I’m under stress or pressure, but I find if that if I whack a dollop of Krī face oil on, it calms down.”

While almost all Krī products are free from essential oils due to their potential to sensitise facial skin, there are so many restorative effects that are inherent in certain plant-based ingredients. Feeling down? Breathing in the uplifting aroma of bergamot in our Nourish Organic Body Oil can lift your spirits. 

Rather than pampering, you are providing a more holistic treatment that can soothe your thoughts and bring balance to your day. Close your eyes, let the moment just be, savour the ritual of massaging in your products, and take time to completely focus on yourself.  This simple step can help add some much needed relaxation to the start and end of your day, and you deserve that time of total calm.

Of course, there are limitless advantages to switching to kinder and natural skincare products, but their ability to take care of body, mind, and planet is so impressive that they deserve full recognition.

 - Bryanna Martonis is Krī Skincare's staff content writer, an ethical lifestyle blogger and beauty awards judge.

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