Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: The Best Form of Vitamin C

Highly stable, fast-absorbing and non-irritating, this Vitamin C provides protection against oxidative damage from UV and other environmental factors. Being an oil-soluble lipid, THDA does a better job at penetrating deeper into the skin, where it will provide the most tangible benefits.

What is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate?

You've probably heard of Vitamin C, the wonder antioxidant that improves complexion and skin tone. The trouble is, in its most common form - L-ascorbic - it's a tricky ingredient due to its vulnerability when exposed to light and air, which can quickly render it inactive.

That's why Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THDA) - a precursor of Vitamin C - is one of the best forms of Vitamin C in skincare. It's an oil-soluble liquid that is highly stable. Unlike water-soluble ascorbic acid, this ingredient does not begin to degrade as soon as it comes into contact with light and air. It will not oxidise (turn orange/brown) in the bottle after just a few uses, which means you can use every last drop. That also explains why we're able to house it in clear glass bottles.

Not only does THDA act as a stable form of Vitamin C, but it's also a non-irritating alternative for sensitive skin. Whilst L-ascorbic acid is highly acidic - the very low pH can easily result in skin irritation - THDA doesn't require low pH extremes, so it's much gentler on the skin.

Being an oil-soluble lipid, THDA does a better job at penetrating deeper into the skin, where it will provide the most tangible benefits.

What are the Benefits of Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate?

Fights free radicals

THDA reduces and suppresses damage caused by UVB and UVA light (but that doesn't mean you can skip daily sun protection), and it protects skin against environmental pollution. It supplements the body's reaction against free radicals and helps shield against oxidative stress. In doing so, THDA protects against the most common causes of premature ageing.

Improves skin tone

THDA has been shown to inhibit melanogenesis, which is responsible for the production of pigment in the skin. That means THDA can help promote a more even complexion and lead to a reduction of age spots and hyper-pigmentation. It's ideal for brightening skin tone and regenerating overall appearance.

Revitalises skin texture

THDA has been shown in research to boost collagen production. It may promote up to 50% more collagen than other forms of Vitamin C. This increase can restore elasticity and firmness, leading to a healthy and rejuvenated texture. It can also help blemish-prone skin as it minimises redness from inflammation, as well as old scarring.

How to Use Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate







In an oil-based formula like our Vitamin C + Bakuchiol Serum, THDA should be applied after lighter, water-based hydrating serums and before moisturiser. 

Our serum contains 10% THDA, which means it's a high potency formula. If you're new to using any form of Vitamin C, start slowly by using it every other day. 

As THDA provides protection against oxidative damage from UV and other environmental factors, your skin will benefit most when using it as part of a morning skincare routine. Always complete your routine with daily sun protection as the final layer.

Vitamin C + Bakuchiol

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