SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen 10ml

SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen 10ml

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10ml / 0.3 fl oz


Broad spectrum mineral sunscreen made for year-round protection.

Protect your skin from the UVA rays responsible for premature ageing and UVB rays that cause burning and sun damage.

With no stickiness or greasiness, this high protection, non-clogging SPF30 sunscreen absorbs quickly and forms an instant protective barrier on your skin without irritation. Once absorbed, it feels weightless on the skin. 

High protection mineral sunscreen

Made with reef-safe, non-nano zinc oxide (22%). The UVA-PF is 20.3 and critical wavelength is 373 nm.

Zero essential oils or fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin. Vegan.

Tested by our customers:

  • 95% said product does not feel sticky
  • 95% said skin does not look oily
  • 88% said it does not dry out skin
  • 87% said it feels comfortable on skin
  • from a survey of 50 users

    Packaging: glass jar with aluminium lid.

    Where it fits in your routine






    How to use

    Sunscreen should be the final step in your skincare routine after moisturiser and/or face oil. For adequate protection, apply a liberal amount (about half a teaspoon) to the face, neck and ears. Massage evenly until fully absorbed. Reapply during the day for continued sun protection.

    Works well used daily with Vitamin C + Bakuchiol for superior antioxidant protection.

    At the end of the day, use Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser to remove all traces of sunscreen from your skin.

    Full Ingredients List


    Zinc oxide

    Caprylic/capric triglyceride

    C13-14 alkane

    Polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate

    Pentylene glycol (from sugar cane)

    Oryza sativa starch

    Polyglyceryl-4 oleate

    Cetearyl alcohol

    Magnesium sulphate

    Polyhydroxystearic acid

    Glyceryl olivate

    Isostearic acid


    Every ingredient is Ecocert approved.


    Glass jar with aluminium lid.

    Safety info

    This sunscreen has been tested for SPF, PF-UVA and critical wavelength using ISO methods as required by Cosmetics Europe.

    It has passed Preservative Efficacy Testing using ISO methods in an independent lab.

    As with all Krī products, this sunscreen has been assessed for its safety by a qualified clinical pharmacologist.

    Our products are registered on the UK and Europe Cosmetic Product Notification Portals.

    Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Feels light

    Initial white cast disappears quickly, feels surprisingly light on the skin.

    Melissa C.

    SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen 50ml

    Rachel S.
    Great product

    Great product - does what it says on the tin! It does leave a white cast to begin with but this goes away 10 minutes or so as it sinks in. Once it's sunk in I find it leaves me with a nice even skin tone.

    Jennifer B.
    Amazing sunscreen

    I have been looking for a sunscreen like this for so long! It absorbs quickly, its effective and it's non nano, definitely will repurchase!

    jillian c.

    Great product,. Wood use you again