Minimal ingredient, high-performing formulas that deliver on their promise. Evidence-based ingredients with no questionable marketing claims. Responsible packaging. A gentler environmental footprint. Ethics. Transparency. Community.

This is everything I wanted as a consumer, and it's what Krī Skincare delivers to you.

A change in my skin in my 30s shattered my confidence. All of a sudden, my otherwise healthy skin was highly reactive, dry and troubled with blemishes. The products I'd been advised to use just exacerbated the problem and made my skin uncomfortable. It was an endless cycle.

At the same time, making ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices had become increasingly important to me. I was concerned about the impact of all the packaging and ingredients in my skincare routine, and I didn't want to keep contributing to that problem.

I committed to researching and understanding everything I was putting on my skin. All this newfound knowledge helped me understand what I wanted and didn't want on my skin. Above all, fewer, more effective ingredients in the bottle were my benchmark. How do you know what’s working/not working when there’s upwards of 20 ingredients in a single product? Simplicity and efficacy became my focus, always guided by science.

Finally, I was comfortable with my skin. And my conscience felt a lot better knowing I didn't have to compromise on ethics and sustainability.

Krī Skincare is everything I was searching for. A brand made with purpose: for better skin and a better planet.

Rupa, Founder