Krī Skincare Supports Richard House Children's Hospice

Richard House Children’s Hospice has been supporting families across East London and beyond for over 20 years. The hospice has been there for families on the worst days of their lives and helped them to recover from the devastation of losing a child. The hospice also helped create moments of unrivalled joy for families, as they make memories together that they can cherish forever.

For over a decade, the founders of Krī have supported Richard House Children's Hospice in Newham, London, through fundraising and volunteering efforts.

Having met some of the children and parents that have passed through the doors of the hospice, it is a charity that remains very close to our hearts. We've seen firsthand the work that goes on to support life-limited children and their families during the most difficult circumstances. 

Richard House is now Krī's sole charity partner and we are committed to making regular donations to support the work of the hospice.  

Richard House Children's Hospice
Richard House Children's Hospice