Krī Skincare Product Reviews

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Very nice serum!

It's early days yet, but so far, I really like this serum. It's not too heavy and a little goes a long way. Using it day and night under moisturiser. I also LOVE that I can order a refill bottle. It's a win-win serum!

My favourite skincare product ever

I've been using Hydrate for about a year now - sometimes layering, sometimes not, I'm not the most disciplined! - and it has made an unbelievable difference to my skin, which can be highly reactive. It is light, gentle and easily absorbed, with a very subtle scent.

My skin is beautifully clear and soft, and I believe it has also improved the appearance of the fine dryness lines I was starting to develop around my eyes.

Kri's commitment to sustainability and the environment is hugely important to me, and I love the fact that I can order refills, doing away with the need for unnecessary packaging.

A genuinely life-changing product, which I intend using for the rest of my life!

Fantastic product

Great product - really pleasant to use, effective without an overbearing scent or any harsh chemicals. My skin has improved hugely since using Kri products.

Silky smooth skin

Fantastic body oil that's not too greasy. The scent is beautiful too! Best body oil I've used! ❤️


Love Kri products

Fabulous Oil!

Game changer for me, great product for very sensitive skin. Allergic to many preservatives so fabulous to get something I can use. Doesn’t feel greasy and makes my skin feel soft and in good condition

Lovely for the face, but too strong for eyes

I really like this cleanser for face and love the scent as it feels very luxe. Whilst I'm definitely not anti-fragrance in products, it does feel a bit too strong to use on my eyes. As such, for me this is a good option for when I've been at home all day and just need to remove skin care, but I think for a full face of makeup/sunscreen I would need a stronger first cleanse initially. I've bumped up a star for the fact it has charcoal which is really unique.

Excellent soothing moisturiser

This moisturiser is wonderful, somehow rich and yet light at the same time. One pump is all I need to feed my very thirsty skin. I found Kri at a time when my skin was very unhappy - I had congested skin, post-acne marks and also a damaged skin barrier from using too many exfoliators, so I really needed to strip back the 'actives' yet find something nourishing which wouldn't spark up my acne again. I'm over the moon that this is the hero product I had hoped for - literally if my skin feels dry or tight I know that within a matter of seconds of applying this it will be much more calm.
At night I like to mix in a couple of drops of rosehip oil and the products combine really well - no pilling on application or splitting of the mixture. I will be back again to purchase for sure!

Fantastic Sunscreen

I have combination skin and have been looking for sunscreen which doesn't leave my face feeling greasy. This sunscreen leaves a matte finish and my face feels soft after use. It lasts throughout the day and even after reapplying my face still does not feel greasy. Great product, I appreciate that it uses few ingredients compared to other SPF's.

Finally bought the big un!

Have been buying the minis (which are excellent by the way!!) for about a year and finally took the plunge to the full bottle. Could not be more pleased with myself and my love of the Kri Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 💁🏾‍♀️👏🏾
Great for winter dry skin - overnight locks in that goodness and skin feels soft and plump in the AM. Twinned with the Timeless moisturiser it's a dream.

My skin adores this!

My skin loves this face oil! Sadly, my face was a die-hard fan of Clarity, which isn't offered anymore. But this is a great substitute for my finnicky skin that's stress-acne prone

Great wash bag

Great size for storing skincare or makeup products, would also be handy for travelling. Added bonus of being made from Fairtrade cotton :)

Beautiful Oil!

Really enjoying the rosehip seed oil. I apply it to my skin after I have applied my eye cream. Leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated, with no greasy residue. Thanks Krī!

Holy grail product

This is the first sunscreen I have actually enjoyed using. The consistency and tint means it spreads nicely and doesn't leave a white cast. I have very oily skin,and although it looked slightly shiny for the first 5 mins, once absorbed it dried to a lovely matt finish which lasted all day. It's actually more like a primer as it evens out the complexion and adds a little bit of colour as well. The tint is completely neutral and would suit most skintones.
I am so happy I purchased this. I had some hesitations because I really didn't like the original version,which was very thick,difficult to spread and left a white cast.

Illume Niacinamide Serum

Perfect for my skin and great value.

Amazingly refreshing

Skin feels instantly hydrated. Illumine Niacinamide absorbs into the skin immediately and skin feels plumped all day

Beautiful product

I just love how this makes my skin feel. I recommend to everyone

Nourish body oil

This is awesome stuff!
I absolutely love it!
Scent is devine!
Really effective!

Son loves it

Lovely product for cleansing teenage skin. Helps to bring balance.

Unveil Refill

Unveil is my favourite of the Krī cleansers as it emulsifies and rinses clean without the need for a flannel (which is too much for my sensitive skin), it even cuts trough a full day’s worth of the SPF so I am really pleased to be able to get refills for it. Recently I stocked up on 1 with a pump and 3 refill bottles, so that is 3 pumps not heading for landfill over the next year. A small contribution we can all make. Thank you Krī

The best

I will always buy this i suffered with a bad skin condition before the reddnes was awful it went away after a week of use and never returned than you kri im eternally grateful

The best

One of the BEST moisturizer ever! I found my HG. I have acne prone sensitive combination skin and this moisturizer didn’t cause me any problem. Lovely to use with retinol or even after I exfoliate! I wake up with beautiful skin! It helped a lot with my acne! I love it from the first time

Love Love Love

The products are simple - they work, they smell great. Also, the customer service is genuine and friendly. I recommend Kri to anyone who wants to have a better skincare routine.

Prickly pear seed oil.

This oil is lovely, I use at night time around four times a week. It’s very hydrating and moisturising alone, I sometimes add moisturiser afterwards depending on how dry my skin is feeling. It absorbs into skin very quickly and doesn’t leave my face feeling overly oily. I really like this product and it’s become a firm staple to my skincare routine. I read it can help with rosacea and I can definitely notice a difference with my skin.

Irritating for me

I have very sensitive/allergy and irritant prone skin resulting in dermatitis, I was hopeful that I could tolerate this, but following 3 days of use my skin started to react, with dry itchy inflamed skin on the on my face. My wrist patch test was fine, but my facial skin is weakened by steroids/immonmodulators, so many priducts irritate. If your skin has a strong skin barrier then im sure this would be ok.