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Hello really liked the cleaner oil but it leaked in the boxes before I had the chance to even use it , continued to use it and like the product.

Very good for sensitive skin

This is good for my sensitive skin.

Absolutely love this product!

First of all, I love that the bottle comes with a dropper. It really helps control the amount that you put into your hands to apply on your face. As suggested I have been using this product in conjunction with organic Rosehip oil. The prickly pear oil is extremely light, and after one week of use I immediately see results. My skin is smooth and has never looked better! My wrinkles seem to be minimized and overall my skin is just bright, brighter and looking healthier. Highly recommend.

Feels very pure. My skin looks great, it seems to fill in some of the wrinkles too. Bonus! No skin outbreaks. My teenage daughter is now using it too. I am a total convert to this sunscreen after searching for so long for one that has no nasties, no oil and no skin disruptors. Love it! Will be trying the tinted version too.

Good for sensitive skin, but too runny and watery and I didn’t see any difference so far, been using 3 weeks

The smell is really strong and unpleasant. The oil itself is great if you can get past smell

Wonderful product, absolutely love this! Can't tell you how many people have commented on how my skin is glowing.

The works for me by reducing redness and giving my complexion a brightness

I love this cream but unfortunately I did not receive the one with the aluminum cap as requested.

I mistakenly purchased to light a shade !
But always good products from your company x

Loving the tinted SPF. It is not greasy after application and the finish leaves my glowing. Highly recommend.

Definitely my new favorite daily moisturizer! I am hoping this is all-purpose and will be my year-round face moisturizer. The only thing that would elevate it would be adding an SPF to it. For cold, dry winter nights, I do add a few drops of Vitamin E oil (different brand) to it.

Coming off a foaming cleanser, I had to adjust to using a cleansing oil. I'm still adjusting (and probably using a bit too many pumps), but I will say my face doesn't feel parched after washing. It feels dewy and healthy!

I tried Illume first, but prefer this one in my morning routine. It's lightweight, yet it feels substantial. I pair this with the endless moisturizer or my sunscreen moisturizer (different brand) every morning and my face seems happy.

Love love love this serum. I love the viscosity of this serum, as well as the results I am seeing. My face is certainly brighter, and my sun spots are diminishing. I am finishing Month 3, and am thrilled to have found a clean and responsible company (and love the compostable and recyclable packaging). I pair this with the endless moisturizer every evening and love my new routine.

I really wanted to love it but it leaves my skin so so greasy and I struggle with the smell of it a little .

I am now into the second bottle of the Bakuchiol Antioxidant Serum. I have found this serum to be first class for my mature, sensitive, rosacea skin. Really helped to improve my skin with a brighter look to it. For me its ideal. I used it twice a day.

Super, very pleased and at a fantastic price.

I am surprised and pleased that this moisturiser is better than expected. My dry skin loves it, it’s not greasy at all and sinks in well. It’s not moisturising enough for me to call it a night cream, my skin feels a little dry in the morning, but perfect for the day time. Great under make up too.

Well am 85 yrs old and I ❤ your Endless Moisturiser. I use it daily, just seems to suit my skin. It's nice that it's organic Thank you Kri. 😊

I bought this around 3 weeks ago & it has made an incredible difference to my skin. I am a dark skin black girl and had a lot of pigmentation & blotchy dull skin & this has done wonders for my skin. It has transformed my skin to even glowy and my pigmentation has faded significantly. I don’t have lines so I can’t speak on that but my complexion looks the best it has in years. My skin is quite sensitive & this is the first Niacinamide that I have used that hasn’t irritated me/made me darker & dried out my skin. I’m absolutely delighted with this product. I initially bought the mini size but going to buy the larger bottle & try another couple of their products as impressed with this one.

I absolutely love this cleanser! It's natural and very gentle on my sensitive skin. It's effective and also has a light lather ☺️. I use to use oil cleansers that needed to be wiped off...ugh I couldn't stand that ! With this cleanser it saves me so much time. I also love how it gets rid of the daily dirt on my skin. May I create a TikTok video of this product!?

I don't feel like I have used it long enough yet, but i feel like my skin does not absorb the product. Even though it looks and feels quite moisturising, my skin feels quite tight. The ingredients are exactly what I have been looking for and can't find anywhere else. I may just need a different consistency, possibly in the form of a moisturiser. I will keep on using though.

Thanks for your review, Jasjeeve. This treatment oil won't leave skin moisturised so it's best to use it in combination with a moisturiser. We recommend mixing a few drops with your moisturiser for better absorption. Please feel free to get in touch if you need help or advice about how to get the most out of the product.

Have used this for a few years, needed to order some more but have found that they no longer supply the tinted options. Very disappointing, sorry Kri but I will take my money elsewhere.

Hi Jo - we are also disappointed that we've had to reduce the range of tints, but we have to base our decisions on customer demand. The available tint is the one you have always ordered (T2), and it was our most popular tinted sunscreen, which is why we've kept it. We appreciate that this decision will disappoint some customers, and we sincerely apologise.