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Exactly what I was looking for.

This is the niacinamide I've been looking for, for a long time. Perfect texture, affordable, long lasting, and great for layering. This stuff soaks in quickly, but isn't too thin, nor does it feel cheap. It's perfect if you like to layer your serums. It's already made a difference to my skin. It's my first choice serum. End of.

Love it!!

Absolutely love this serum - gives my skin a lovely glow!

Fantastic moisturiser

This moisturiser is lovely and rich (but not greasy). It’s perfect for my mature(ish!), dehydrated skin and easily as good as more expensive creams.

Absolutely brilliant

I used the Kri mineral suncream on holiday for the first time last week, and it did not disappoint. Not only did it protect my face but also allow for a natural gradual tan to build without any burn, it also made my skin feel amazing (unlike supermarket / leading brand suncreams). Its coverage is lovely and light. Not only that, it wonderfully protected my tattoes! Can't fault, this'll be a staple product for me forevermore!

Great serum

I was using Vitamin C+Bakuchiol Serum, which was great. I decided to buy Vitamin C+Broccoli serum because of the higher percentage of the Vitamin C and I love it! It's a lighter texture, absorbs so well and my skin is very soft after using this serum. I'm applying it after Illume Niacinamide Serum, which is another fantastic product. I love Kri skincare!

Smells amazing and no nasties soaking into your skin.

I'm a repeat customer of this oil, the smell is beautiful and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft and not caked in product. I apply the oil whilst my skin is damp and it glides on lovely and you use less product. It doesn't take long to sink into your skin and doesn't leave you oily. Kri products are all amazing and the customer service and ethics of this small compmay are fantastic. A lot can lear for this little business. ***

Vitamin C + Broccoli

I had been using the Vitamin C + Bakuchiol serum and really like the feel of that serum on my skin. I decided to try a mini version of this new serum and was not disappointed. It has a slightly lighter texture to the Vitamin C + Bakuchiol serum so I find it is quicker to absorb but still makes my skin feel soft. My skin looks a bit brighter / has a subtle glow when I use it. I haven’t been using it long enough to see a difference with marks / lines on my skin but hoping it will help. I have ordered the full size, and have also started using the Bakuchiol oil (without vitamin c) with my moisturiser at night.

The best mineral sunscreen!

For someone who hasn’t worn any sunscreen for almost 10 years due to allergic reaction Kri sunscreen is literally my saviour! This definitely an improved version of non-tinted mineral sunscreen. It is easy absorbent and doesn’t leave a white cast. I usually wear this underneath my tinted moisturiser and I finds it actually helps mattifying my make up which is amazing!

Everyone needs this

I’m now using the stronger version of this face oil and it is absolutely fantastic. Mixed in with my face cream I don’t think you could better this product. It sinks in beautifully and I’m getting quite a few comments on my glowing skin. I wouldn’t be without it

Love this product

Only just finished a taster bottle and it was fabulous. A few drops is all you need. I am trying the kid on the block but happy to keep this one as my go to and alternate love the Bakuchiol!

A lovely glow

Well I was throughly impressed by this little gem. It absorbs well and no spots or breakouts. Usually when you change a product you get some fight back but not with these lovely serums.

Anti aging oil

This oil is exceptionally well made and it ticks all the box for my skin care routine. it helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, brightens skin and above all, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Thanks very much Kri for such an awesome product.

Lovely sunscreen, but could do with spf50

One of the only mineral sunscreens that looks nice on my light olive skin and doesn’t contain unnecessary, irritating ingredients. It’s a little greasy but that’s to be expected and it gives a healthy look. Unfortunately it isn’t high enough protection for sunny days as I have sensitive, sun damaged skin.

Great, but not for me

I bought a sample pot to try the tint, having used the un-tinted for several months. I am Fitzpatrick 1.5 and this tint was too dark for me, it was also noticeably a much warmer undertone. So as a product on it’s own it won’t work for me, but I do now use a 10ml mini added to each 50ml jar of the un-tinted to take the edge off the white cast and that works perfectly. But I am always pleased to see more inclusive shade ranges, as skin protection is so important.

Favourite SPF

I have tried so many inorganic SPFs and even as Fitzpatrick type 1.5 I still get an awful white cast with most of them. Some work but have other irritating ingredients, are too oily or drying, don’t fully set so rub off too easily or claim to have a “universal tint” that makes me look orange. I have used this for over a year now and is my favourite by far, it dries down and stays put but not too matt, reapplies nicely over itself and is only is mildly iridescent / illuminating on the skin. It does have a slight white cast on me, but I now add 1 x 10ml sample pot of the tinted SPF to each 50ml jar. It takes the edge off the cast without darkening my skin. As with all inorganic SPF it is on the thicker side and can be drying so I add a light layer of oil or moisturiser first. I would love an SPF 50, especially in a big tube to take out with me, for the strongest sun days. Applying the 1/2 teaspoon to face and neck I tend to go through 60mls every 2 months, but for a great quality daily SPF that I enjoy using the cost is worth it.


I had stocked up on Unveil in December but found after a month or so my skin was drying out. Rupa was so kind, gave great advice, I tried a sample size and then replaced them with Prelude. I was nervous about using a pure oil as removing it with a flannel had been irritating in the past, but have been using it for several months now and my skin is back to how it was. Applied to dry skin, massaged to break up SPF etc and then a warm flannel to wipe it off, step into shower and let the steam and water rinse any left over, so it doesn’t leave residue. Beautiful light but effective blend of oils, no essential oils, no fragrance or anything else that can irritate. I am so glad to see it has been brought back as a regularly stocked item. I also use less that before, ~3 pumps for face and neck, and that is generous as I like to really massage it, so it lasts longer and is more sustainable (especially with the refills). Thank you Rupa and Krī

Great cleanser

I have used this cleanser for about a year now and I love it. It clears away makeup and sunscreen very easily and does not make my skin feel tight or dry. It works very well on my sensitive skin and does not aggravate my rosacea. I would definitely recommend this cleanser.

Best moisturiser I have used

I have used this moisturiser now for about a year and it is the best one I have used. It is very moisturising on my skin but still light as I do get an oily t-zone. It works very well on my sensitive skin and does not aggravate by rosacea. I would definitely recommend this moisturiser.

Skin saver

This oil is a beautiful addition to my skin care routine. I warm a few drops in my hands and pat over clean skin during the day if needed and I add drops to my day cream to use at night. This oil last for ages and is probably the best face oil I have used, and I’ve used a lot!

It's a keeper

I have been using Kri products for a few years now. Endless Moisturiser is a real keeper for me. It just really works well with my skin and I had no problem with it. Like most people I have tried other products, thought they are great and then found they caused problems. This one I have been using for a good deal of time and I am still really happy with the results it gives me daily.


I have been using Kri for some years now. This serum is a fabulous addition to my morning routine. I just mix it with my Endless moisturiser and it leaves my skin feeling good all day. Well recommended

Best natural Sunscreen ever.

I love this stuff, I was happy with the sunscreen beforr the tint was introduced but now I sold on the tinted sunscreen.

It's nice knowing that not only is your skin being protected from the sun, it doesn't have nastie toxin in, like most other sunscreens. It sinks in lovely and easy to top up.

I highly recommend this product for anyone with sensitive skin and even Hyperpigmentation. This is the only sunscreen that has protected me and helped reduced the hyperpigmentation coming out whilst in the sun. It's my saviour.

Like all Kri facial oils - it's gorgoeus!

Another lovely facial oil from Kri. I like them all so much that I have them all and I alternate, sometimes adding a few oils together.

The Kri oils don't leave your face greasy like you may think they would. They absorb quickly and that's on top of using Kri Hydrate Serum, then Illume Serum, Endless moistruriser and then I lock in the moisture with the oil, and it all absorbs nice and quick.

Love this product

On my 3rd bottle now - so, I guess I really like it. A little goes a long way & it provides a richly moisturising skin cover without feeling heavy. Skin feels soft and nourished, without any tightness or dryness. It makes a great base for my moisturiser too. Vit C products can often be tingly or irritate skin, but not this one. Can't really say if my menopausal skin looks better, but it certainly feels much more comfortable.

Very impressed

The oil glides on nicely, 2-3 pumps go quite a long way and it works easily to a milk with damp fingers or cloth. Leaves skin soft, clean & doesn't feel dry. Removes even waterproof make-up without any difficulty at all. Very happy with it.