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Your Endless moisturiser is wonderful just the ✅ moisturiser so it doesn't look greasy. Best ever yet and with all the natural content what more can I say except I will be buying it in the future Thank you Kri .

This is just brilliant! I actually look forward to putting it on! Tried so many, including and expensive brand. This for me is just perfect protection and a perfect tone. So grateful :)

Unveil oil-to-milk cleanser

I love this! Gentle and effective. So happy to have found something that is actually comfortable for my skin!

Tinted sunscreen

This is the best sunscreen I’ve tried and there have been a few. I need all mineral to avoid my eyes stinging. I used T2 which is barely there on my light skin but leaves no white cast. A keeper

this moisturiser have very clean ingredients and it’s dry gentle on my sensitive skin! Very effective after a day in the sun or after a swim! Highly recommend if you have sensitive skin!

Love this cleansing oil

I really like this cleansing oil, with the pump. give it a little shake and then easily apply this perfect consistency unscented cleanser. it's my evening first cleanse.

gentle but effective

love the ease of application and being able to massage into my skin feels nice before easily rinsing off without any residue or dryness.

fab morning results

Was a little unsure about using in case too harsh for my sensitive skin, and did feel a slight tingling on application but followed up with timeless moisturiser and rose hip oil so no problem. The delight was the next morning washing my face in the shower, as it felt so smooth, particularly around my jaw area where I can get small bumps.

The best Mineral sunscreen

Loe this mineral sunscreen. No white cast at all. Perfect!


I really like this tinted sunscreen. So easy to apply. I love the texture of it.

Love it

Love this moisturiser. I was surprised by the texture of it, but it gives so much moisture to my dry and sensitive skin.

So gentle

I really like this cleanser. It’s so gentle to my sensitive skin.

It would be great to see darker shades :)

The formula has a nice texture and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It would be great to see darker shades :)

Repurchase on the horizon

I ordered a travel size to try out this exfoliator, it is gentle on the skin and non-irritating. A repurchase of the larger bottle is on the horizon

Great for making a skin tint

I like mixing a few drops of this oil with my concealer to create a dewy finish on the skin. Very lightweight with great spreadability :)

Very lightweight on the skin :)

I like to add a few drops of this after applying moisturiser in the evening (recently it’s been the endless moisturiser but I like the timeless too!). I was a little nervous at first because my skin can be a little oily and was worried about clogging my pores, however, this is very lightweight and has been pleasant to use (for reference, I have combination skin)


I really like the smell of this serum! It feels fantastic on the skin and has helped dramatically with the dryness I had been experiencing

Second Purchase

Second time purchasing this serum, I use it daily and very much like it :D

Good product

I really like this Rosehip oil from Kri. It doesn’t smell and the oil can be absorbed to skill quite nicely. I did try another brand before and it felt greasy and had a weird smell. So I have switched to Kri. I love it so far as the dryness of my skin has obviously improved.

Protects from. further sun damage & doesn't cost the Earth!

I really love this sunscreen because it is kind to my skin and protects it, too. Though I still use the original shade, I am pleased that the shades have multiplied so more people can benefit from a kinder, cleaner, yet very effective sunscreen.

I love this product

Just perfect. I have numerous allergies including fragrance and balsam of Peru (including all cross reactors) and this is literally the only sunscreen I’ve found that is readily available in the UK that is safe for me. I love it and I’m about to reorder the full size! Please make more similar products - face spf 50 and a body spf would be amazing!

Fab product

Love it. I think it is a great combo of ingredients, especially for the protective antioxidant effects of the ingredients . I would love to also have a buckuchiol free version.


Best mineral sunscreen I have come across yet. Both in texture, application, colour and sheen. Just delightful. I think this one will be amazing in the summer too. If a slightly more moisturising one (maybe glycerin?) for winter existed I would buy that too, as my skin gets super dry in the winter. But that said, I am in love and awe of the very low number of ingredients. This is now my main sunscreen year round.

Great experience so far

Only a couple of weeks into use with the vit C and backuchiol serum but it is very nice to apply and feels good on my sensitive skin. I was focused on finding more sustainable and effective skincare and I am really glad this company was recommended to me.

Very good experience so far

Only a couple of weeks into use but it is very quick and easy to apply and feels good on my sensitive skin. I was focused on finding more sustainable and effective skincare and I am really glad this company was recommended to me.