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A week in and I love it so far

A week in

Been using it for just a week, easy to apply and so far so good

Endless Moisturiser

One of the best moisturisers I’ve used on my very sensitive, very dry, healing TSW skin. It really helps, a must have.
Love the fact I can get refill bottles now too.

Glides on

Glides on beautifully with no pilling. I’m starting to see a visible difference in my skin after using it night and day. My dark spots are reducing and my skin feels more plump in general. I also have no issue wearing this under the kri sunscreen.

Glides so effortlessly!

Despite being the "heavier" moisturiser compared to the Timeless one, it's actually very light yet hydrating and glides so easily onto skin without needing much rubbing to absorb. Seems perfect for both oily and dry skin types. Thank you!

Glides on smoothly!

Glides onto skin easily, sinks in and doesn't feel a sticky feeling. Thank you! Wish it had panthenol included though. Otherwise perfect lil' serum for troubled skin.

Nice product!

I have been using the vit c and bakuchiol for a month and my skin seems to like it.I have sensitive skin and this product works great for me. I will give it another 2 month to see results as i know it takes time, you won’t be able to see results over night.

Lovely moisturiser

This moisturiser is great for me as it has few ingredients & no essential oils which I can’t tolerate.

Does what it says on the tin

I love this moisturiser. It just quietly and gently, does exactly what it says on the tin. It supplies endless moisture to my tired old grumpy skin. This is the fourth or fifth (?) jar I've bought. I have never been such a repeat customer before!

Have already given my verdict
Thank you 😊

Light, yet moisturising.

Feels really light and leaves my skin soft. I've very sensitive oily acne prone skin and so far after having used it for about 2 weeks I think it's helping with healing and redness. Doesn't leave my skin shiny, dries matte which I love! Evenings however when I use my micropowder exfoliator this cream doesn't feel moisturising enough so perhaps a serum beforehand or oil after would do the trick. I've ordered the niacinamide hyaluronic acid serum from Kri, so fingers crossed it's the perfect complementary addition for my skin in the evenings!

Thank you Kri for answering all my questions and fast service!

My favourite product

I have been using the timeless moisturiser for a few years now and there is no way I would go back to any other products. It sinks in quickly, doesn't leave my skin greasy or feel clogged up and provides long lasting moisture throughout the day. I love the fact that I can reuse the pump between bottles and find that the products last ages. Also the bottles look fabulous!!! A great product all round.

Really lovely oil cleanser

I found this while browsing beauty awards lists - I like to double cleanse with an oil based cleanser, followed by a water based/more foaming cleanser. I didn’t like my other cleanser though and was starting to skip my routine, so was super happy to find this one! It takes off all of my makeup and is gentle around my eyes. I love it. It sort of turns into more a slippery cleanser with a bit of water and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I love the simplicity of the ingredients and brand. Thank you!!!!

Simple and effective

I love how few ingredients there are in this cleanser, and yet how effective it is. Good value for money, gentle to skin and kind to planet. What more could I ask for? Keep it up Kri.

loved it so much I ordered two more

beautiful cleanser. travelled well in shipping to USA.


My hyperpigmentation is notably improving and my skin just looks and feels better in general. This oil easily glides across my skin without making it greasy. It's a really lovely product that works.

Great at removing make up and SPF.

Unfortunately this product has irritated and dried out my skin, so I’m getting clogged pores that are turning into nasty breakouts. My skin has always been clear before using this. I just needed a good make up and SPF remover because micellar doesn’t do the job for me. So it’s amazing for that, just be careful if you have dry/acne prone skin. But I’m just sensitive to most skincare ingredients, my rosacea is also why I’ve probably reacted badly to this product.

Best gentle cleanser!

This cleanser is soo gentle, and yet it works so well. It removes all my makeup and suncream. And it feels amazing massaging it all over my face. After using it the skin feels and looks hydrated, and I know it is because my face doesn't dry out straightaway after like with other cleansers I have used in the past, where I would have to rush to put my moisturizer on. With this cleanser I can take my time in my face care routine, not only does it not strip my face but it feels like it adds moisture.


This moisturizer has got rid of my flaky dry bits that used to come up between my eye brows and on my cheeks. I use it as part of my morning and evening routine. I also use it to moisturize my lips before applying my lip stain as I noticed it got rid of the chapping and peeling bits I used to get on my lips. Definitely recommend this for those with dry skin. It does not feel greasy, but moisturized and hydrated.

Ample moisture

This provides ample moisture that lasts.

Simple, Yet Effective

The only cleanser I have found to remove all my sun cream and makeup effortlessly! I will continue to repurchase this.

Best I've Tried!

Great tinted sun cream! It sits very well under makeup and keeps my makeup in place even after water exposure! I have repurchased plenty of times.

Very good

Perfect for me.

Love this cleanser

I use this every night and love having an oil cleanser as part of my routine. I notice such a difference in softness after massaging it into my skin for a minute or two, then rinsing off.

I did a lot of research to find a fragrance free + cruelty free oil cleanser after I decided to stop using my previous HG oil cleanser by Bare Minerals, because it contains fragrance.

Very happy with this one by Kri. I prefer it to Pai’s cult rosehip oil cleanser, which doesn’t rinse off as easily.


Love this product. Skeptical at first as I have an oily T zone and worried an oil would make it worse but after reading the reviews I decided to give it ago as my previous face wash was leaving my skin tight. So glad I bought it. Not only does it remove all traces of make up but leaves my skin feeling super soft. Decided to buy some trial sizes of other products from the range for an upcoming holiday too.