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A great night treatment

It took my skin a few days to adapt to this but once it did, it loved it (I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by new products). I used it as a night oil after cleansing and only needed a few drops. Even though it's an oil, it wasn't greasy and made my skin feel soothed and nourished. Now I've run out I'm really missing this night treatment!

My go-to cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for a while now and I love it. I can't really be bothered with 2 step cleansing, but when I use this I feel like it really gets rid of makeup, SPF etc. that I've been wearing that day. I like using a hot cloth with it to steam the skin and it leaves my sensitive dry skin feeling replenished afterwards. My sister is also now a big fan.

Great suncream

I love this suncream! It's thick but not greasy and only takes a few mins to absorb. It sits well over moisturiser and under makeup and although lots of brands now have moisturisers with SPF, for me it's more important to have a separate suncream so I can top up when needed. It's been tested well in the sunshine and no complaints! I also love the tint :)

New to Kri

Tried the tester pot which was a good idea and little goes a long way
Really like this product I mix it with my face cream and it goes on easily
I have sensitive skin and had no reaction so far
Voted it 4 and half stars because I can’t use it stand alone it is a bit too thick texture for that

Best Cleansing Oil I've Tried!

This cleansing oil is the only product I've tried that has effortlessly removed all sun cream and makeup from my skin without stripping moisture. Over the years I've been using this product, it has not stripped any moisture from my dry, sensitive skin and it emulsifies well to remove waterproof makeup and water-resistant sun cream with ease. I will continue to repurchase - thank you!

So Far so Good

It is a good oil. In my case, I have found it travels to the eye area, so I could not use it near the eye contour. It does not absorb as well as I was hoping. I love the fact that it has retinol-like skin benefits, but it is still very early for me to see notable results.

Calming, Moisturising & Soothing

A big surprise. Suitable even for oily skin. Very calming, soothing and moisturising. Lightweight and does not cause skin to break out. Thank you to Abi from Kri Customer Services.

One of the Best Skincare Products

Clean ingredients and no perfume/fragrance. Gentle. Has a beautiful texture. No problems using it on oily sensitive skin. Removes dirt and SPF. Leaves skin feeling soft afterwards.


Contains simple, yet effective ingredients. It hydrates, restores and helps sensitive oily skin that had turned dry due to use of active ingredients to recover. Felt some mild tingling at first. All in all, this is a gentle, light & healing moisturiser. Many thanks to Kri for their advice, especially to Abi.

Dewy and light

I adore this product.
Have been meaning to wear a daily SPF for years but couldn’t find one that didn’t sting my eyes. This is a lovely rich feeling cream, with a hint of colour. Leaves a lovely translucent finish that means I only need concealer, not a full face of makeup.


Simple but incredibly effective. Easily removes SPF, has loads of slip (unlike wax-based cleansers), and rinses off completely. Lovely.

Great tinted SPF.

I think this is the best mineral SPF I've tried. It's nice and hydrating without being congesting, and dries down pretty quickly to a nice matte but not flat (semi-matte) finish. I like that it has a short ingredient list and simple but stylish packaging. The zinc also seems to be quite soothing and the tint evens the skin without being obvious.

Simple perfection.

One of the best serums I’ve ever used. Not remotely oily or greasy thanks to the melon seed oil base, and with a decent amount of vitamin c and bakuchiol. Balancing and brightening. Simple, but super effective.

Best cleanser!!

Best cleanser!!! It leaves my skin both clean and moist. I would be without it.

Best cleanser!!

Best cleanser!! It leaves my skin both clean and moist. I wouldn't be without it.


Nice and gentle exfoliator. I have now added this to my skin routine and it has made a good difference.


This has got to be the best cleanser I’ve every tried . Gentle on my sensitive skin but effectively removes dirt and make

Unveil oil to milk cleansing oil

My favorite cleansing oil! I love that it’s all natural no fragrance and takes off all your makeup. Very gentle.

Endless Moisture

I tried this as an alternative facial cream to the timeless moisturiser. This feels richer and more hydrating on my sensitive combination skin. I wear it in the day over a serum, and at night I use a face oil. It seems to be moisturising the drier patches without increasing oiliness elsewhere. I'm happy!

An amazing product with the nicest rosewater smell

This has it all.. A fantastic hard working serum but seriously an amazing light scent of rose.. It really has it all and I wouldn't be without it

Exactly what I was looking for

I combined T2 and T3 minis for my perfect match. Not too drying, light coverage and blends beautifully. So glad I finallly found a skin tint that rivals the now discontinued lush ones! It’s taken me 5 years to find!

Light, Hydrating and...

My skin is combination-oily but very dehydrated, though it has recently become sensitive and dry following use of some active ingredients. Illume Niacinamide serum is light, hydrating and does not feel sticky. It absorbs into the skin easily and soaks in quickly. It has been about 3 weeks since I started using the serum. I apply a rich moisturiser and a few drops of oil after the serum to achieve more hydration levels and help with skin repair.

The best mineral SPF.

I think this is the best mineral SPF I've tried. It's nice and hydrating without being congesting, and dries down pretty quickly to a nice matte but not flat (semi-matte) finish. I like that it has a short ingredient list and simple but stylish packaging. The zinc also seems to be quite soothing.

Perfect moisturiser

Perfect moisturiser in every way, adding ingredients making it very versatile and not too heavy for the day, particularly as you are often layering up with other products. I also use it at night combined with a few drops of rosehip oil to give a bit more nourishment to my skin overnight. Sinks into the skin without feeling at all greasy and good base layer for other things.

New obsession

This was my first time using an exfoliating serum - and wow! I woke up to beautiful and fresh skin. Definitely a keeper in my skincare routine :)
Thank you Kri for making beautiful, effective and earth friendly products!