Containing active ingredients that hydrate, protect and repair skin, these are your essential multitaskers. Mix and match them depending on your skin's needs.

Water-based serums

Hydrate Moisture Serum provides all-day moisture and helps prevent dryness. Illume Niacinamide Serum protects and strengthens the skinʼs barrier. Renew Exfoliate Serum gently resurfaces and refines the skin.

Oil-based antioxidant serums

Vitamin C scavenges the free radicals that are a cause of premature skin ageing, and improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots. Bakuchiol has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps improve the appearance of fine lines, skin texture and overall firmness of the skin.

Your skin type

Most of us don't have just one skin type. Extrinsic factors such as environmental pollutants, diet and lifestyle can change the way our skin looks and feels. Intrinsic factors such as hormonal activity and natural ageing are just a part of life, no matter how well we take care of our skin.

Krī products are multitaskers. They can be layered and rotated depending on how your skin feels at any given time.

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