Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil
Kri Skincare Unveil Oil to Milk Cleanser
Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil

Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil

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This gentle unscented cleansing oil effortlessly dissolves sunscreen, daily impurities and makeup.

Transforming into a light milky emulsion when activated with water, it easily rinses off without stripping natural moisture. Leaves skin clean and nourished with no dryness, irritation or oily residue.

Suitable for all skin types. Comfortable to use around the eye area. 

Size:100ml / 3.4 fl. oz
Dispenser:Bottle with pump
Kri_Skincare Unveil Oil to Milk Cleansing Oil

Naturally gentle cleansing

Formulated with a blend of camellia, grapeseed and safflower seed oils in a naturally-derived emulsifier. This powerful trio of antioxidant oils easily dissolve impurities, pollution and makeup whilst leaving skin hydrated and nourished.

Award-Winning Cleanser

Winner of the 2021 Beauty Shortlist 'Best Oil-to-Milk Cleanser' and 'Best All-in-One Cleanser'.

"This is a cleanser that people who haven't tried are likely to fall in love with. A great formula." - Beauty Shortlist

Ingredients & Usage

Carthamus tinctorius seed oil (safflower thistle seed oil)

Camellia oleifera seed oil (camellia seed oil)

Polyglyceryl-4-Oleate (naturally-derived emulsifier)

Vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed oil)

Tocopherol (vitamin e)

Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower oil)

Shake bottle before use. Apply 2-3 full pumps to dry skin to dissolve all makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Add a little water to create a milky emulsion and continue to massage skin. Rinse off or wipe away with a damp face cloth.

The clear glass bottle is fully recyclable. Remove the label and place it in general waste. The pump is not recyclable. Unscrew it from the bottle and place it in general waste.

Returning customers can order products with aluminium closures and reuse pumps from empty full-sized bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews

Broke me out so much, had to throw it away since I couldn’t return it used :(((( it might be different for other skin types but I have sensitive clog prone skin


Coming off a foaming cleanser, I had to adjust to using a cleansing oil. I'm still adjusting (and probably using a bit too many pumps), but I will say my face doesn't feel parched after washing. It feels dewy and healthy!


I absolutely love this cleanser! It's natural and very gentle on my sensitive skin. It's effective and also has a light lather ☺️. I use to use oil cleansers that needed to be wiped off...ugh I couldn't stand that ! With this cleanser it saves me so much time. I also love how it gets rid of the daily dirt on my skin. May I create a TikTok video of this product!?


My second bottle of this oil to milk cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and have had no issues at all. Easily washes off.


I love anything Kri. Not only is ever product fantastic, I know I don't have to worry about ethics, quailty of ingredients, plastic etc etc because that's the whole point to Kri. They've got that covered and I know I can trust them to make the right decsisons woth their products. A lot of thought and effort goes into every product. If only all skincare brands were the same.

I've been with Kri since their very start and it's been the best little find. It's changed my life as I was battling with adult acne when i came across them. Since using Kri I no longer wear make up daily. Only special occasions. xxx