Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil
Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil

Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil

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100ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Dispenser Option: Pump

This gentle unscented cleansing oil effortlessly dissolves sunscreen, daily impurities and makeup.

Transforming into a light milky emulsion when activated with water, it easily rinses off without stripping natural moisture. Leaves skin clean and nourished with no dryness, irritation or oily residue.

Suitable for all skin types. Comfortable to use around the eye area. 

Naturally gentle cleansing

Made with a blend of camellia, grapeseed and safflower seed oils in an emulsifier naturally derived from sunflower seed oil. This trio of oils easily dissolve impurities, pollution and makeup whilst leaving skin hydrated and nourished.

The gentle emulsifier ensures every trace of oil is dissolved, ensuring no greasy residue on your skin after rinsing.

Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil

Award-Winning Cleanser

Winner of the 2021 Beauty Shortlist Awards:

Best All-In-One Cleanser

Best Oil-To-Milk Cleanser

"This is a cleanser that people who haven't tried are likely to fall in love with. A great formula." - Beauty Shortlist

Ingredients & Usage

Carthamus tinctorius seed oil (safflower thistle seed oil)

Polyglyceryl-4-Oleate (naturally-derived emulsifier)

Camellia oleifera seed oil (camellia seed oil)

Vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed oil)

Tocopherol (vitamin e)

Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower oil)

Apply 2-3 pumps to dry skin to dissolve all makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Add a little water to create a milky emulsion and continue to massage skin. Rinse off or wipe away with a damp face cloth.

Packaging & Recycling

The clear glass bottle is fully recyclable. Remove the label and place it in general waste. The pump is not recyclable. Unscrew it from the bottle and place it in general waste.

Returning customers can order products with aluminium closures. By reusing pumps and pipettes from empty full-sized bottles, you and we can go so much further in our efforts to reduce plastic waste.

We recommend you only reuse a dispenser from the same product. Residual tap water can introduce contaminants and may change the pH of our carefully balanced products. To avoid this, please do not wash the pumps or pipettes from your empty bottle.

Pumps and pipettes should be replaced after 12 months.

Customer Reviews

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My go-to cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for a while now and I love it. I can't really be bothered with 2 step cleansing, but when I use this I feel like it really gets rid of makeup, SPF etc. that I've been wearing that day. I like using a hot cloth with it to steam the skin and it leaves my sensitive dry skin feeling replenished afterwards. My sister is also now a big fan.

Best Cleansing Oil I've Tried!

This cleansing oil is the only product I've tried that has effortlessly removed all sun cream and makeup from my skin without stripping moisture. Over the years I've been using this product, it has not stripped any moisture from my dry, sensitive skin and it emulsifies well to remove waterproof makeup and water-resistant sun cream with ease. I will continue to repurchase - thank you!

One of the Best Skincare Products

Clean ingredients and no perfume/fragrance. Gentle. Has a beautiful texture. No problems using it on oily sensitive skin. Removes dirt and SPF. Leaves skin feeling soft afterwards.


Simple but incredibly effective. Easily removes SPF, has loads of slip (unlike wax-based cleansers), and rinses off completely. Lovely.

Best cleanser!!

Best cleanser!!! It leaves my skin both clean and moist. I would be without it.


This has got to be the best cleanser I’ve every tried . Gentle on my sensitive skin but effectively removes dirt and make

Unveil oil to milk cleansing oil

My favorite cleansing oil! I love that it’s all natural no fragrance and takes off all your makeup. Very gentle.

My favourite cleanser...ever!

I can't say enough good things about this beautiful and gentle cleanser. I have found it to be so great for my skin. I love giving myself a little face massage some evenings with it as a treat!

Just perfect

This cleansing oil removes makeup perfectly, including long-wear. The texture is beautiful and the massage experience is truly wonderful. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I don’t feel like double
cleansing anymore - a life changer!

Great size.

Great mini-size, big enough to give the product a proper try before purchasing the full-size, which you can use to refill the smaller making it perfect for travel too.