Endless Moisturiser with Squalane
Endless Moisturiser with Squalane
Endless Moisturiser with Squalane
Endless Moisturiser with Squalane
Endless Moisturiser with Squalane

Endless Moisturiser with Squalane

Sale price$31.00
Size:50ml / 1.7 fl. oz
Dispenser option:Pump

A deeply hydrating unscented moisturiser with squalane and organic jojoba oil.

Absorbs quickly, delivers long-lasting moisture and helps skin feel smoother and more supple. Leaves an elegant and silky finish.

Suitable for tired, dry and dehydrated skin. 

The Hero Ingredients

Squalane (from olives) is a lightweight and stable skin-conditioning emollient that replenishes and softens skin, creates a protective barrier and reduces moisture loss.

Organic jojoba oil provides additional nourishment without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin.

Hyaluronic acid locks in hydration, evens out skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Endless Moisturiser

Endless Moisturiser has a creamy texture that absorbs quickly without weighing down your skin or leaving a heavy residue.

It provides all-day moisture and nourishment with the feeling of a 'second skin'. A little goes a long way.

Ingredients & Usage


Simmondsia chinensis seed oil (jojoba oil)

Squalane (vegan, from olives)

Glycerin (from rapeseed oil)

Cetearyl alcohol (plant-based emulsifier)

Cetearyl glucoside (plant-based emulsifier)

Gluconolactone (skin conditioner)

Sodium hyaluronate (skin hydrator)

Citric acid (ph adjuster)

Sodium benzoate (preservative)

Calcium gluconate (skin conditioner)

Apply to clean face and neck.

Although it can be used on its own, the results are better when layered over Illume or Hydrate serums.

Bottle with pump: the clear glass bottle is fully recyclable. Remove the label and place it in general waste. The pump is not recyclable. Unscrew it from the bottle and place it in general waste.

Glass jar: the clear glass jar and aluminium lid are fully recyclable or reusable. Remove the labels (side and base) and place them in general waste.

Returning customers can order products with aluminium closures and reuse pumps from empty full-sized bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Does more with less. :¬)

Nice soothing, ‘basic’ in a very good way, moisturiser.
I appreciate the short and carefully thought out ingredient list. It works wonderfully, especially when my skin is playing up.
Good to see that the jojoba oil is sourced as organic.

Great, Calming, Restoring & Nourishing

I first tried the travel mini and was impressed with how calming, restoring and nourishing this moisturiser is without breaking my oily skin.


A little more substantial than the other moisturiser in your range, works well over serum on my combination skin

Great moisturiser- questionable customer service

I love this moisturiser, it hydrates my skin well, the texture feels luxurious it and does not break my mildy acne-prone skin. I am on my third moisturiser however, I am really disappointed because I ordered the jar packaging with a lid but received the bottle with a cap instead. I reached out to customer service over a week ago and still haven't heard back. I needed to start using the packaging I received because my old jar finished but it is so difficult to actually dispense the correct amount of product from this packaging- it either doesn't come out or too much comes out and I know I'm going to eventually end up running out faster and having to repurchase sooner. I also have to place my palm directly against the ridge of the opening of the bottle repeadtedly to collect the cream in my hand which I feel is unhygienic.

Would have given 5 stars if not for this recent issue with my order being incorrect and not hearing back from Kri after reaching out.

Hi P.R. - we're really sorry that you were sent a bottle instead of a jar. We've recently taken on new team members and a mistake occurred when your order was picked. We're rectifying this by sending you a jar, as well as a pump so that you can properly use up the rest of the product in the bottle. Regarding the lack of response: unfortunately, a technical glitch on our website resulted in us receiving no customer messages for a couple of days. This has since been resolved, and I apologise for the inconvenience. We always aim to respond to all messages very quickly, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We're sorry that we failed you on this occasion.


Contains simple, yet effective ingredients. It hydrates, restores and helps sensitive oily skin that had turned dry due to use of active ingredients to recover. Felt some mild tingling at first. All in all, this is a gentle, light & healing moisturiser. Many thanks to Kri for their advice, especially to Abi.

Endless Moisture

I tried this as an alternative facial cream to the timeless moisturiser. This feels richer and more hydrating on my sensitive combination skin. I wear it in the day over a serum, and at night I use a face oil. It seems to be moisturising the drier patches without increasing oiliness elsewhere. I'm happy!


Deceptively moisturising. At first I thought this would be too lightweight for my dry skin but a little goes a long way and in combination with the hydration and the bakuchiol serum my skin feels brilliant. Sadly I’ll always have eczema and rosacea but this just leaves my skin hydrated and calm, very happy with these products and also love that you can buy again without droppers etc.

Need this

Min skin loves this moisturiser. I like the texture, light but still very moisturising. It is so gentle. I have dry sensitive skin and rosacea and this works with my skin type

Go to moisturiser

This moisturiser is now my favorite winter/ night time moisturiser! My skin feels so soft and nourished. I love it!


Best moisturizer!! It completely got rid of my dry flakey bits. My skin hydration has most definitely improved.