Bakuchiol Antioxidant 15ml

15ml | Glass container

Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

Bakuchiol is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, skin texture and overall firmness of the skin. 

A blend of 1% Bakuchiol in Kalahari melon seed oil, this oil-based serum balances and softens skin without leaving any greasy residue on the skin. Lightweight and quick-absorbing.

Packaging: glass bottle with pipette.

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  • Although it's been used in Ayurvedic treatments for centuries, this botanical ingredient is a relatively new kid on the block in the western skincare world- and it's been described as a game-changer.

    A double-blind study of volunteers using either bakuchiol or retinol found that both groups saw a significant reduction in wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation, with no statistical difference between the two compounds. However, the retinol group reported more scaling and stinging. (Source: British Journal of Dermatology)

    Pronounced back-ooh-chee-all, it's suitable for those that can't tolerate retinol.

    Genuine Bakuchiol

    There is only one type of clinically-proven bakuchiol under the trade name Sytenol®. We've sourced our Bakuchiol directly from the official supplier - Sytheon - and we use 1%, which is the recommended amount for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Sarah F.
Great product

Brilliant serum early days as yet. But lovely oil for my skin. Feels nice & hydrated! I bought the trial size first. & just recently ordered the bigger bottle 😊

Lovely oil

I've been really enjoying this oil for the last few weeks. After using a different brand it's nice to compare. This is obviously going to be oily but compared to the other brand this is a lot less greasy and I think it sinks in faster. It also leaves a nice sheen on my skin and seems to layer well. I'm 31 with normal/combination skin, I have wrinkles starting to show up so I really want to try and keep them at bay. I use this twice a day and I can't say if it is working yet but I believe it takes months for results to show but I have noticed the links under my eyes are less noticeable and is much more hydrated and it hasn't broken me out at all. There is also no scent or fragrance if that is important to you. What I really love is that you can get a refill option and reuse the dropper for a pound less. This brand is just awesome, I tried the sunscreen tester which seems like a winner as well!

Susan H.
Only just started to use

I have only been using this for a few days so difficult to review.
However, it applies well, doesn’t have an overly in your face odor, so happy to continue using.

Great product!

Overall great product. No complaints. I got this to use daily as a milder form of retinol to use as it’s getting sunnier. It keeps and makes my skin overall clear. I’ve got quite oily skin and it makes my skin kinda oily, but I just use it in the evening. It’s not as oily as other bakuchiol products with squalane so will repurchase this.

LOVE this!!

I’m so happy that I stumbled on the brand as I love everything I’ve tried so far but this and the Illume serum are my favourite. I’ve been using this for several weeks now and my skin loves it, and is particularly noticeable on my previously rather tired looking 40 year old past sun stressed chest area! Lovely lightweight oil I layer at the end of my routine and it’s just beautiful. No pilling, just gorgeous. I put it on my hands too and my nails are also loving it... I literally can’t fault it. Love the brand, love the products, the simplicity, the few ingredients and they are effective.