Krī (pronounced kree) is a Sanskrit term meaning 'to make, to do, to prepare'. We are makers of skincare.

We make more with less. We believe skincare should be effortless, effective, and made with ingredients that are proven to work.

Our products are made with a tightly curated selection of hero ingredients for maximum impact.

You won't find 20+ ingredients in any of our products when a lot less can do the job just as well. And we're not into adding tiny percentages of exotic ingredients just for label appeal. Your skin deserves better than that.

Our minimalist branding and packaging reflect the purity and simplicity of the Krī product range, as well our respect for the environment.

Responsible skincare. Krī's 100% vegan range of products are formulated and manufactured in the United Kingdom. We try to minimise our impact as much as possible by using sustainable containers and reducing unnecessary outer packaging. Read more about our ethics.

100% results based Ultimately, we're here to provide a direct, effortless and dependable experience that works for you and your skin. How do you know our products are effective? Read reviews from people just like you.